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July 28, 2021

Proposals for updating the Staff Regulations

The purpose of the Reforms are to improve the flexibility and responsiveness of EUROCONTROL and to ensure it remains well positioned for the future.
July 8, 2021

Cybercrime in Aviation:
also passengers at risk

Commercial aviation is losing billions as a result of cybercrime attacks. We, the passengers, can be victims too. Read the facts and examples.
June 13, 2021

EUROCONTROL has reviewed in May their 4-year forecast 2021-2024:

now the first real Summer Traffic Data

The new EUROCONTROL forecast for 2021-2024, published in May, predicts traffic back at 2019 levels early 2024. Now also with the first real summer traffic data.
June 12, 2021

Visit the 2021 Virtual Art Fair of Evry Village

Our member Jean-Paul Prochasson participates in the 2021 Virtual Art Fair of Evry Village.

International Association of the Former Officials of EUROCONTROL

Protecting the interests of former officials of EUROCONTROL and helping build relationships

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