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International Association of Former Officials of EUROCONTROL (”AIAE”)


Membership is open to all those who are former officials of Eurocontrol.


Membership Annual Fee


Benefits include

  • AIAE protects your interests as a pensioner via regular dialogues with the Agency
  • Access to important and crucial guidelines on administration for pensioners on this website
  • Support on questions and issues around your pension and/or sickness insurance
  • Access to the co-ordinates of your ex colleagues and friends
  • Practical information and communication on the AIAE website members pages, not available to non-members
  • Participation to the annual AIAE General Assembly and Gala Dinner and any other events we organize

Why Join

Leaving the place where one has worked for many years could be a sad experience. Keeping contact with your former colleagues and friends will however continue within our association. We do this via our General Assemblies, our events and via regular communication.

For a tiny annual membership fee, our members have access to a wealth of information, not available to non-members.
In a world full of rapid changes, we have to remain alert of what goes on in EUROCONTROL.

Our Board of Governors is there to keep contact with the Agency, and to ensure that we are being kept up to date of any changes that take place and that could have impact on our pension scheme, our sickness insurance scheme and others.

We also keep contact with other pensioner’s associations, to see if they have good practices we can apply as well. For the more important and crucial FAQ’s, we publish guidelines on the members pages of our Website. As for any other questions and topics, we keep discussion fora open and alive, in order to support you as good as we can.

In short, we are a club of friends, getting the maximum out of our careers as pensioners.


For ex-employees of EUROCONTROL

Please note that membership is only open to ex employees of the International Association of the Former Officials of EUROCONTROL (”AIAE”)

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Members benefits include

Pension & agency news, Annual events, Members Offers,
Access to galleries, Notice board and forums & much more.

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