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Mongolia and spectacular views of the stars

Our member Ulrich Borkenhagen tells us of a trek to Mongolia and spectacular views of the stars.

From early days to pension
My Cars

Our member Ulrich Borkenhagen tells enthusiastically the story of his cars covering a span of 55 years

Journey of a lifetime – part V

Before going home, Gérard Terrien drives his 4×4 for his very last two trips through South America: Ecuador and Colombia

Journey of a lifetime – part IV

Gérard Terrien has completed his beautiful journey through Chile and Argentina. This time, he takes us in his 4×4 to Bolivia, Brazil and Peru.

Journey of a lifetime – part III

In this 3rd article, Gerard Terrien continues his journey of a lifetime, this time on the roads of Northern Argentina and North Chili

Journey of a lifetime – part II

Gérard Terrien continues his account of an exhilarating journey in South America. This is only the start. More routes will follow.

Journey of a lifetime

To realize a dream, it takes a twist of fate. Gérard Terrien begins his account of a long journey in South America.

One of England’s little known Counties

Herefordshire is a little known county on the western edge of England one of a few that border the Principality of Wales. Ken Reid tells us why he moved to Bosbury in Herefordshire and explains it is such a nice place to live.

Rediscovering Belgium – Part 2

Many of our colleagues and ex-colleagues have been living in the Brussels area in Belgium, or are still living in this country. But what about other places in my country worth visiting? This time we go to MECHELEN.

Aeronautical Codes – a bit of history

Most Eurocontrol pensioners will have come across examples of aviation abbreviations and codes during their working careers, but what is their origin?

An unusual hobby – tower clocks

It all started with a French grandfather clock – a so-called Comtoise. One day, a big clock struck my attention. When I say big, I mean it: a tower clock, about 1.4 m long, 0.6 m wide and weighing above 100 kg

Pacific Blue

Although I have always loved my job as an air traffic controller it has never been a question what I would do after retirement.
In 2006 I sailed off onto the oceans with my first mate and stayed away for 6,5 years.

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