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The Shutdown!

Why was our site shutdown? Find out here!

Air Traffic Updates & Forecasts

Regular updates on EUROCONTROL current Air Traffic Data and longer-term forecasts

From Lviv in Ukraine with love :
Christmas without electricity

Bob van der Flier (ex-MUAC) lives with his wife Nataliya in Lviv, Ukraine. Read Bob’s impressions on how it feels to have no or limited power supply in a cold city during the Christmas period

Public Holidays 2023
for the EUROCONTROL Sites

A list of the Public Holidays 2023 for the various EUROCONTROL Sites, at which they are not available to answer your call.

AIAE Visibility
Part II:
Your AIAE President continuous his Agency’s Road trip

Our President of the AIAE continuous his Road Tour within the agency to meet senior management. He shares with us his observations and findings

Members Survey – RESULTS

The results of the survey of opinions are now available.

AIAE Members Survey 2022

The survey of members opinions launched by the Board of Governors has now closed – results in the next few days.

AIAE Members Directory

The members’ directory for October 2022 is available online now

From Lviv in Ukraine with love :
12 Oct 2022, two days after the bridge…

Bob van der Flier (ex-MUAC) lives with his wife Nataliya in Lviv, Ukraine. He tells us about how the missile attack on 10 October by Russia has affected his city.


Take Note! Due to unexpected circumstances, the date for the General Assembly, 2023, has been changed.


A good meeting took place on 5 September between AIACE, the International Association of former staff of the European Union and ourselves.

La merlette de Youssevich,
la femme au chapeau et le Capitaine

written by Jean-Jacques Sauvage

Our member Jean-Jacques Sauvage has published his first book. Read here the summary of it and how to order it.

The 2021 Performance Report of the Pension Fund is now available

The Pension Fund Supervisory Board (PFSB) has published its Annual Report for the year 2021. 

The Cirque du Soleil is back !

The Cirque du Soleil is back, in 2023, and the AIPE has tickets!

From Lviv in Ukraine with love
update August 2022

Bob van der Flier (ex-MUAC) lives with his wife Nataliya in Lviv, Ukraine. He gives an update on the situation in their city at the end of August

Invitation Oktoberfest 2022

Join us at the Oktoberfest on 30 September 2022 and check how to get the tickets for this popular event

Pension Adjustment
as of 1 January 2022

Due to the high inflation rates, an intermediate pension adjustment of + 2,4% will be implemented as of 1 Jan 2022

Meet us in Sevilla

The AIAE Board invites members to visit the Airbus site with them to view the A400.

AIAE Visibility

Erik Merckx, President of AIAE, explains what he wants to do himself to increase the visibility of AIAE in the EUROCONTROL Agency

Raúl Medina Caballero has been appointed as new DG of EUROCONTROL

Raúl Medina Caballero, Director General of Civil Aviation in Spain, has been appointed as the new Director General of EUROCONTROL

Unions continue to react
to the updates from the DG
on the Deloitte report

EUROCONTROL Unions react to every update of DG on the Deloitte report

The way forward

The way forward, as seen by our new AIAE President, Erik Merckx

AIAE contributes to
Humanitarian Support in Ukraine

AIAE donates € 5000 to the Red Cross for humanitarian support to the victims of the Ukrainian war

From Lviv in Ukraine with love

Bob van der Flier (ex-MUAC) lives with his wife Nataliya in Lviv, Ukraine. He tells us how it is to live there these days.

MUAC celebrates
50 years of operations

The Upper Area Control Center of Maastricht (MUAC) celebrates 50 years of operations. A story of passion and innovation.

The war in Ukraine:
impact on aviation

EUROCONTROL follows up the impact on EUR airspace of the invasion of Russia into Ukraine

SWIFT and Russia: David & Goliath

The EU has sanctioned a number of Russian banks by cutting them off from SWIFT. But what is SWIFT and what does it do?

General Assembly 43

GA43 will be held at the Agency HQ on 25th March 2022.

New Parity Coefficients:
Applicable 01/10/2021

The pension section sent us an office notice updating the new parity coefficients, applicable from 01/10/2021 onwards

The Deloitte Report

Everything concerning the Deloitte Report and the Agency’s future. UPDATED 16 December.

Proposals for updating the Staff Regulations

The purpose of the Reforms are to improve the flexibility and responsiveness of EUROCONTROL and to ensure it remains well positioned for the future.

French Social Security Contributions:
Possibility to claim reimbursement

France: social security contributions become reimbursable; Agency HRS explains the details and the procedure to follow

The 2020 Performance Report of the Pension Fund is now available

The Pension Fund Supervisory Board (PFSB) has published its Annual Report for the year 2020. 

General Assembly 42 – Report and more

What’s new? GA42 report is now available, plus new stories from our members.

Cybercrime in Aviation:
also passengers at risk

Commercial aviation is losing billions as a result of cybercrime attacks. We, the passengers, can be victims too. Read the facts and examples.

General Assembly 41 – Report

The General Assembly 41 video conference report and videos now available.

RAES Brussels invites :
free webinars

The Brussels branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society invites us to attend their webinars on various aspects of aviation, free of charge.

May Update
from the Director General

Eamonn Brennan continues his Blogs with this one from 18 May 2021: the consultation process on the Deloitte report is moving forward.

Easter Update
from the Director General

Eamonn Brennan talks about the actual situation during Easter

Invitation for Covid-19 Vaccination :
What our pensioners in Belgium need to know

The invitation procedure for Covid-19 vaccination for pensioners in Belgium explained

EUROCONTROL Sickness Insurance

Primary Cover rules and misinformation from the Agency.


Find out more about members travel stories. After Antwerpen, Mechelen is the next city worth a visit.

Latest News
from the Director General

Eamonn Brennan summarises the conclusions from the Provisional Council of 26 November.

Development of non-vaccine type COVID-19 treatment therapies

. . . This content is restricted to subscribers

The 2019 Performance Report of the Pension Fund is available

The Pension Fund Supervisory Board (PFSB) has published its Annual Report for the year 2019. 

October Pension Adjustment – Belgium

The pension weightings have been recalculated with retroactive effect from 1.1.20 for pensioners resident in Belgium.

Development of Vaccines against COVID-19

Are you guessing when we will finally have a vaccine to fight against Covid-19? Find out more here.

Accident Insurance

The Accident Insurance from the company VAN BREDA is now managed by CIGNA,

How safe is my pension?

We are actively monitoring the activities within the Agency and will continue to bring you the latest information.

HENNER 6-month Review

Although the situation finally seems to have improved, it is far from being in line with what we are entitled to expect.

Information from HENNER – COVID-19

In order to ensure the best possible continuity of service, we ask you to give priority to digital means of contacting HENNER where possible

Agency Update – COVID-19

In the current context of the evolution of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and as you can follow every day at national level, containment measures are becoming increasingly severe.

Agency Restrictions – COVID-19

As from Monday 16 March, the access to the EUROCONTROL premises for staff and visitors will be strongly restricted.

Medical Claims – the HENNER Saga
update February 2020

Updated status on the outsourcing of the Medical Claims, by Pierre Boland.

Preventative Medicine

Recommended health checkups for men and women.


Note to pensioners Pension adjustment as from 1.7.18. Read full details


Find out more about members travel stories. Let’s start with Antwerpen.

EUROCONTROL Employment – Quo Vadis??

The Agency presented a new employment framework to the social partners, in preparation for approval by the June 2019 Provisional Council meeting. Will this impact our current and future pensioners? Do we have to start seriously worrying? Read more in the members section.

the new AIAE Website

During 2018, the AIAE Board increasingly felt that our rapidly growing membership was ready for faster and more accessible communication and information through with our members was needed. The idea of revamping our website from scratch was born and realised. The result is now on the screen of your laptop, your tablet or your smartphone, and we are proud of it! Look for all details in the Members area.


The administration of the services of the Sickness Insurance Scheme is now a fact: from 1st October onwards, all claims are being handled by the French-Portuguese company Henner.






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